Shoulders Arms

Tricep Stretch. Raise arm high and as far back as comfortable with the lower arm running straight down your back, or as close as you can. Use the other arm to support the stretch, holding either side of the elbow joint. Hold for at least 20s and then swap sides. 

Upper Back & Shoulder Stretch Stand tall with shoulders and hips facing forward. Gently and slowly bring your arm across your body, holding with the other hand, either side of the elbow joint. Try doing this in a low, mid or a high position across your chest. Whatever position which gives you the best stretch. Hold each time for at least 20s and then change sides. 

Arm & Hand Stretch Extend your arm in front of you, with your arm shoulder high, if possible. Use one hand to bring the fingers of the other hand up, bending at the wrist, pushing the heel of your hand forward. Hold gently for at least 20s. Then point the fingers of the hand down, whilst again pushing through the heel of the hand, using the other hand for support. Hold for at least 20s. Swap arms.