Online Stretch Classes

  • Live, online Stretch classes
  • The same teacher at each class
  • Great for increased mobility and flexibility

Next Class

Saturday 6 August 10am

Class costs
A Stretch class costs £10 per person. To book please email at: [email protected]
Once you have booked you will be given details of how to pay.
Once you money has been received, you will be sent your Zoom link to your specified class.

Our classes are a safe place. Please do not record, photograph, or forward our classes and meeting links to anybody.

Whatever makes you happy and is comfortable.
Some people wear pyjamas.
Odd socks, and interesting socks, are popular.
Leggings are a good idea especially if you are going to wear short, shorts.
Bring a cushion and towel to your Stretch class and some water or a tea or coffee.

Office hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. We will do our best to reply to communications within 2 office days.